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Invention Applications With Inventorship by Researchers Who Have Received Some Support From TN-SCORE:

Materials Comprising Deaggregated Diamond Nanoparticles, Branson, B.T., Lukehart, C.M., Davidson, J.L., US Patent 8,703,665, April 22, 2014



Nanostructures from Laser-Ablated Nanohole Templates, US Patent Application 20150093550, Hofmeister, W.H., Terekhov, A.Y., de Costa, J.L.V., Lansford, K.S., Rajput, D., Davis, L.M., April 2, 2015



Novel Metal Complex Catalysts and Uses Thereof, US Patent Application 20150021197, Zhao, X., Webster, C.E., January 22, 2015



Composite Membranes, Methods of Making Same, and Applications of Same, US Patent Application 20140349213, Pintauro, P.N., Park, A., Ballengee, J., November 27, 2014



Enhanced Thermionic Energy Converter and Application of Same, US Patent Application 20140306575, Paxton, W.F., Davidson, J.L., Kang, W.P., Howell, M.E., October 16, 2014



Nanostructured Electrodes, Methods of Making Electrodes, and Methods of Using

Electrodes, US Patent Application 20140238480, Macdonald, J., Finn, S.T., August 28, 2014



Biohybrid Photoelectrochemical Energy Conversion Device, Cliffel, D.E., LeBlanc, G., Jennings, G. K., US Patent Application 20140042407, February 13, 2014



Enhancement of Light Emission Quantum Yield in Treated Broad Spectrum Nanocrystals, US Patent Application 20140046083, Tilyou, T.E., McBride, J.R., Rosenthal, S.J., February 13, 2014



Nanofiber Membrane-electrode-assembly and Method of Fabricating Same, US Patent Application 20140038076, Pintauro, P.N., Ballengee, J., Brodt, M., February 6, 2014



Novel Metal Complex Catalysts and Uses Thereof, US Patent Application 20130277229, Zhao, X., Webster, C.E., October 24, 2013



Porous Nanofiber Mats To Reinforce Proton Conducting Membranes For Pem Applications, US Patent Application 20130280642, Gummalla, M., Yang, Z., Pintauro, P., Lee, K.M., Wycisk, R., October 24, 2013



Nanofiber Electrode and Method of Forming Same, US Patent Application 20130209913, Pintauro, P.N., Zhang, W., August 15, 2013



Optically Integrated Microfluidic Cytometers for High Throughput Screening of Photophysical Properties of Cells or Particles, US Patent Application 20120241643, Palmer, A.E., Jimenez, R., Dean, K., Lubbeck, J., Davis, L.M., September 27, 2012



Hollow Photovoltaic Fiber, US Patent Application 20120279561, Kalyanaraman, R., Krishanan, V.G., Garcia, H., Duscher, G., Maasi, A., November 8, 2012