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Research Experience for Undergraduates
Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) are designed for undergraduate students at 2-year and 4-year institutions across the state to become an integral part of the TN-SCORE research team. The experiences are offered in 8-10 week summer programs and throughout the academic year. This summer program allows undergraduates to utilize laboratories to answer important research questions, create relationships with fellow students, and be mentored by prominent researchers in the alternative research space. Students have access to state-of-the art laboratories, live in the dorms at the participating universities and receive a competitive stipend while engaging in focused and directed research. The goal is that the undergraduates will take the learned knowledge, techniques and experiences back to their home institution. It will also continue the student’s interest in the alternative energy preparing them for graduate studies or STEM career job opportunities. 

Research Opportunity Awards for Faculty
Research Opportunity Awards (ROA) for faculty are designed for faculty at 2-year and 4-year institutions to establish long-term collaborations with researchers working in one of the TN-SCORE three thrust areas. The information, techniques and experience gained can be spread to the faculty award winner’s campus, students and colleagues. All universities involved in the EPSCoR thrust areas are eligible to host faculty under this program. These experiences may involve research at the scientific level, or focus on developing educational outreach programs.

Research Stimulation Grants
TN-SCORE was designed to leverage the state’s economic development infrastructure investments. That model is continued as TN-SCORE facilitates collaborative partnerships between industry and the universities at a research and development level. Research stimulation grants allow the universities and industry partners to collaborate on focused research questions. The goal of the grants is for university and industry researchers to work cooperatively to utilize each other’s advantages to further the knowledge base and enhance Tennessee’s alternative energy competitive advantage.

Summer Internships
Through TN-SCORE’s relationships with our industry partners, there are opportunities for Tennessee students to work for the various companies. The summer internships strengthen Tennessee’s workforce by allowing students to tackle the practical challenges and experiences of the corporate environment. A student’s interest in STEM careers or graduate studies will be enhanced.